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I volunteer as (karaoke) tribute!

Last week I went to the NUS Lead & Change conference at Lancaster University, and what a brilliant few days I had. The conference was based around student opportunities, which I’m glad to say has given me so much inspiration for the year ahead, and I can’t wait to get started.
Myself and other sabbatical officers stayed in halls, which was a slightly surreal experience as it was like going back to 1st year and wondering who was in your flat and worrying about whether they would like you. However, I made some really great friends so all was fine!
Over the week I learnt many skills that are really going to help me be a great sabb this year, including leadership and how to create great campaigns. The best thing I learned, which may seem obvious was GOATing (go out and talk); which means going out and talking to all of you students, and ask what you want from the Union! 
Ben Whittaker, our brilliant tutor started our training off with an exercise which allowed us reflect on our lives and think about what bought us to University and then onto our sabbatical jobs. This was a great exercise to take part in as it helped us remember our roots and what experiences made us who we are today.

Possibly the best part of my week was meeting other sabbs from across the country and making some amazing new friends. Our team for the week was called District 7, based on our joint love for The Hunger Games and the fact that we were based in room 7 (creative I know)! 
We had some great times together, especially during karaoke (who doesn’t love hearing 12 sabbs screaming Taylor Swift’s ‘Shake It Off’ down a microphone?!). There was also a very random ‘Pitch Perfect’ style riff off, which was definitely something I can now tick off my bucket list! 

Overall, it was a fantastic experience that I will always remember.  I feel so lucky to have had this experience. 
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