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See you later, Solent!

It was 2010 when I had just finished my A Levels and I was getting ready to come to Solent as a scared little Fresher with terrible hair. Now, I’m finally about to say goodbye to the place that has been my home for the last five years (and about time too, I bet you’re thinking). I’ve been a member of Solent and the Students’ Union, both as a student for three years and two years as a Sabbatical Officer, and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both sides of the coin.

                I’ve grown a lot during my time here, from throwing up in a bush outside the JM building after my first ever lecture (classy I know, but Fresher’s was not kind to me), to working full time in the Union, developing a huge range of skills, and now understanding that I can’t handle a beer on a school night. None of my development would have been possible without the people I’ve met here. From my lecturers to my amazing friends while I was a student, I learnt a lot more about who I was and got a nifty 2:1 degree. After finishing as a Student I went on to become a Sabbatical Officer in the Students’ Union to represent the students and give something back to the institute that had helped me grow over my time as a student.

Whilst working in the Union, I have worked with two amazing Sabbatical Teams and a wonderful staff team who have helped me deliver a lot of exciting campaigns and opportunities for the students, overcome my depression and has shown me that I want to work within charities for my career as it’s so rewarding.

Coming to Solent has changed my life, and the biggest people responsible for that are you, the students. Without you believing in me and taking the time to vote for me (twice), I wouldn’t have been elected to be your VP Engagement for the last two years. Without that, I wouldn’t have grown an interest in politics, charity or activism. I wouldn’t have experienced the joy I feel when a student learns something from me, or when I get a thank you (and the occasional jaeger bomb) for my hard work from a grateful student. I wouldn’t know that charity work is what I enjoy doing, and I wouldn’t have discovered what I know now about Women’s Liberation.

I’m really pleased that I got to chance to leave a mark on Solent, just like Solent has left a mark on me, and I want to thank everyone that has added to my experience here. It’s been a cracking five years, and as much as I’m going to miss this place, I am excited to move on to pastures new. And I am leaving you in the very capable hands of the wonderful Jasmine Barton, so you can look forward to a new steer on the VP Engagement & Employability role.

So it’s finally time for me to say goodbye to Solent. It’s been real and a rollercoaster of a journey, I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Big love, and peace out. X

Hannah Mullarky

VP Engagement




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