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Sports Awards

On Wednesday 6 May 2015, Solent Sport and Southampton Solent University will be recognising teams and individuals who have enhanced our name in local, national and international sporting circles.

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VP Welfare

Sam Spencer - VP Welfare

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Last post 22 Mar 2015
I'm currently working on: General Elections 2015
Latest Blog Post:
I'm currently working on: General Elections 2015
Latest Blog Post:
I'm currently working on: General Elections 2015
Latest Blog Post:

Latest News

Top Ten Reasons to Vote in the General Election

Thu 30 Apr 2015

What issues matter to you? How should you be represented? Why should you even vote? Your SU has put together the top ten list of reasons to vote.

SO:WOMEN: Eleanor Roosevelt

Thu 23 Apr 2015

Tomorrow we host the first ever So:Women Conference; a day-long event to celebrate powerful women, and to empower and inspire greatness in others. Possibly one of the most powerful and inspirational women, is Eleanor Roosevelt, and because of how inspirational she was and is for women everywhere, your SU wanted to share her amazing life with you all. Enjoy.

How Women Won the Right to Vote

Tue 21 Apr 2015

This Friday, your Students’ Union will be hosting the SO:WOMEN Conference, a day where students and staff across the University and local colleges are welcome to come and explore and collaborate in a celebration of women’s liberation and rights.
With the General Election on the horizon, your SU wanted to take a look back into the fight for women’s voting rights, which took just over 60 years of peaceful campaigning, protest and militant tactics:

Anna Flanagan supports Solent Shout Back

Thu 09 Apr 2015

Australian Olympian and Commonwealth gold medal winner Anna Flanagan has shown her support for our zero tolerance on sexual harassment campaign.

What does your Sabbatical Team do for you?

Wed 18 Mar 2015

After the success of the Sabbatical Officer Election’s a couple weeks ago, you are probably wondering after all the candidate campaigning and voting within the week, what does your sabbatical team actually do for you?

Improvements to University Facilities

Fri 13 Mar 2015

Since the academic year began, your current Sabbatical team have been working hard to lobby the University to increase opening times and improve the University’s facilities for students. Here’s how they’ve gotten on!

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