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It's Mental Health Awareness Week

The theme this year is loneliness. Feeling lonely is something we can all experience at any point in our lives. Whilst many people associate university with meeting new people and partying, for many it can be a lonely experience at times. This is completely normal, as almost half of UK students (46 per cent) admit to feeling lonely at university. It can make us feel isolated and have a negative impact on our wellbeing.

If you are in need of urgent mental health support or know someone who is, please click the boxes below.







There are lots of simple things you can do to lift someone out of loneliness and in doing so, it might help you to feel less lonely too. For example, offering to see if someone wants to go for a walk and a talk, or offering them a sit down catch up over a hot drink. However, if you are going through a tough time at the moment and you would like support from a trained professional, please scroll down to find useful resources, links and contacts.




We know exams and deadlines can be stressful for any students and Solent Students' Union is here to help if certain things go wrong. For free, independant advice and support about your academic experience at the university, our door is open. 

Issues we can help with include academic misconductextenuating circumstances, appeals, complaintsdisciplinaries and more. Simply book an appointment and our trained case workers will talk you through the process, supporting wherever they can.

This service is available remotely online, by phone and by email, and in person when campus is open and government guidelines allow. To book an appointment, please click here.

Please note: Solent Students' Union does not offer mental health advice or services. This is an academic support service only. For this, please see below under 'University Mental Health Services' for support for students around their mental health and wellbeing.




As we hope you know, your wellbeing is one of Solent’s top priorities. Whether it’s your health, exams or finance issues that you’re worried about, the University is here to support you.

  • Student Assistance Programme (SAP)
    • SAP, which is provided by Health Assured,  is a confidential resource, designed to help you deal with personal and professional problems that could be affecting your home or student life, health, or general wellbeing.
    • SAP offers a complete support network including expert advice and compassionate guidance, covering a wide range of issues. Health Assured’s SAP offers cover for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. For more information, click here.
  • Therapy and Mental Health Team
    • The University Therapy and Mental Health team are here to help any and all students who need support. They offer a range of different types of talking therapies, (including counselling, CBT and hypnotherapy) or, if appropriate, they can offer an appointment with a Mental Health Adviser.
    • The Universities Mental Health Advisers support students who are experiencing significant and enduring mental health difficulties to access appropriate services. You can find more information and the self-referral form on the portal page. 
    • For any queries, please contact the Student Hub (RM050) by emailing You can also contact




We understand that adressing your own mental health can be difficult, especially when using external services, including your GP. These organisations are trained to assist with a range of mental health concerns and provide you with the care and support you, as an individual, needs. One charity or organisation may not be the path you want to go down, but it works great for someone else, and that's ok. Test different external services and find the best for you and your needed. 






Throughout Mental Health Awareness week, Solent TV will be running a series of films made in collaboration with Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.