Vice President (Welfare & Community)

What the VP Welfare & Community does for you....

Responsible for representing student membership on all matters relating to student support, health, safety, wellbeing and representing students in the community. To act as a Trustee and Director of the Students’ Union.

Rich's main aims for you this year....     

  1. I want to make sure that the Student Union works with and for you- whoever you may be- staff or student. The Union is funded to look after your interests. It is important that you should be able to hold it to account.

  2. I will endeavour to ensure that the SU is a stable place in which it can work with the university for the benefit of everyone, in a time of rapid and uncertain change across university life.

  3. I want to work with the NHS, No Limits, relevant services and most importantly the university to increase Mental Health provision and ensure that students know exactly what help they are entitled to and where to get it. The mental wellbeing of students has to be at the forefront of what Solent is. To this end, I will also push for the training of all staff in welfare and wellbeing. 

  4. Safety should be an integral part of the University experience. To that end I will look to improve the safety of the parks, make sure that university has a welfare presence throughout Fresher’s and any university/SU advertised event where appropriate.

  5. Ensure that the university implements a zero tolerance stance to any form of discrimination.

  6. I will also seek to make the SU increasingly more visible within Solent. Most people don't know where it is, who to talk to when they need help. This needs to change.

About Rich....

Hi, I’m Rich and I’m an MA student, having graduated from my degree in 2016. Having experienced various problems over my time at Solent, welfare is something I care loads about. I also feel community is a massive part of the uni experience and should be supported at all stages and want to make sure that these areas are looked after and pushed to the forefront.

Contact Rich....


Phone: 023 8201 6424

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