Vice President (Employability & Engagement)

What the VP Employability & Engagement does for you....

Responsible for the support and development of all Union societies. Representing student membership on all matters relating to employability and the development of opportunities to enhance students’ time at University. To act as a Trustee and Director of the Students’ Union.


Ro's main aims for you this year....     

  1. Actively seeking more short/long term internships/job shadowing, both local and further afield.

  2. To secure a larger number and wider type of placements available. Helping more students gain the experience they need.

  3. To develop with the university better plans for how they can help support you after graduation.

  4. More creative industry based CV workshops, how to grab the attention of the employer over a word document.

  5. Workshops on how to improve your social identity, showing how it can effect your job prospects, what to do/what not too!

  6. Better short term opportunities for volunteering and charity work, as not everyone can commit to long term.

  7. To push for a better mentoring scheme, helping get that professional advice from someone in your field.

  8. Networking events for collaborations between different courses.

  9. Better promotion for freshers as to what the university has to offer, improving sports fayre and making prospective students better aware of what is available. Including overhaul of website pages and to grow their social media output.

  10. To work closely with societies to help develop into the best they can be; better organisation, better facilities or funding, or teaching them how to fundraise and gain sponsorship from outside sources.

  11. To advertise events societies are holding, for higher engagement with the university body using Solent's resources.

  12. Expanding what is already on offer.

  13. Finally, to organise a better grad/end of year ball with the other sabbatical officers, directly working with the student body giving them what they want!!

About Ro....

Hiya! I’m Ro. I consider the extracurricular activities you do can really impact your time at university; helping positively shape the person you become for the next adventure after graduating!

Over my time at university both undergrad and masters I have run various sports teams, as well as being involved within societies, these have ultimately led me to have a better time at university. Being active outside of your degree can give you the edge over someone.

I will always be clear, honest and open to suggestions, as well as listen to the students' thoughts and opinions, finding solutions and helping others reach their full potential.

Contact Ro....


Phone: 023 8201 6423

Social Media



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