David here with my first blog for you all. At the minute I am planning to continue with my work on events and the Union website, in addition to any items that I was unable to achieve before the new year (due to being new to blogging and a bit anxious).

But first, comes a big item for the University and you as students. The University has recently launched its NSS campaign on January 8th 2019.

This is a very important time of year for the university, as it helps them gather all the feedback that they need to improve the student experience at Solent. Both positive and negative feedback is important, as it helps keep the University’s services that are working well and improve those that are not.

It also helps them in the league tables which allows other students to enjoy the same experiences you have had here.


So, if you are a third-year please do fill it in as soon as possible. Especially as the company that runs the NSS will start calling you from the 8th of February and who wants to be bothered that much.

You could also win a £300 Thomas cook voucher or £25 Amazon voucher from Solent University if you enter.

For more information see


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