Your Sabbatical Officers

Your Sabbatical Officers work full-time from the Students' Union and are accountable to the student body.Your Sabbs are ordinary students who are elected by you to lead the SU. Sabbs are also responsible for the strategic direction of the Union.

Ways they represent you:

  • At University Level: Sabbs sit on university committees and ensure that the student voice has an input into the decisions made
  • In the Community: Sabbs regularly meet with representatives from local charities and organisations to discuss issues that affect students
  • At the Union: Sabbs take responsibility for ensuring students remain at the heart of the Students’ Union


Your Solent Students’ Union President 18/19 is David Cowley

Your Solent Students’ Union Vice President Welfare & Community 18/19 is Rich Westlake

Your Solent Students’ Union Vice President Employability & Engagement 18/19 is Rosemary Tomlin-Wills

Your Solent Students’ Union Vice President Education 18/19 is Mollie Tuck

Find out more about your Sabbatical Officers HERE



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