Women's Officer



Bethanie Clarke

Women's Officer


My Manifesto

Women's Rights are Equal Rights

I thoroughly enjoyed working as Women's Officer in the 2017-18 university year, however there is a lot more work that I would like to get done, this has led me to run again this year. 

As Women's officer, I would first like to commission research into the issues most affecting female students on campus. The data from this research would shape my work for the year, in terms of which issues I focussed my work on. 

I want women at Solent to feel as though they have a voice & are represented by someone who truly does care. 

Not only do I want to represent women on campus, I want to celebrate women on campus by sharing your successes within the union and beyond. I also plan to run events celebrating women on key dates such as International Women's day. 

A campaign from last year that I want to continue is making free sanitary products accessible on campus, this is an important issue to me as I believe that this would be of huge benefit to women on campus. Students are among those with the lowest income, getting your period shouldn't make you then stress about money. Free sanitary products on campus, I believe this combat this issue.

Please, Vote Beth for Women's Officer to make Solent a brighter environment! 

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