Trans+ Students Officer



Eli Hill

Trans+ Students' Officer

My Manifesto

Trans+ rights are human rights.

Bathroom, classroom, bedroom, dining room. Every room at Solent should be a safe room for trans+ students.

My name is Eli Hill, and I'm a first year English student. I also happen to be transgender.

Let's address a controversial topic right off the bat: toilets. Trans and non-binary students need a clear stance from the uni when it comes to the topic of toilet usage. If elected, I plan to campaign explicitly supporting gender neutral toilets in the uni; as well as supporting students using the toilets that best match their gender identity.

Trans+ people are, of course, interested in more than just toilets. We need a clear, queer presence in the university - beyond targets to be in Stonewall's Top 100 Employers. All students need to feel safe and accepted at their place of study. University is hard enough without having to fight for your rights being added on top.

The uni does not exist in a vacuum. If elected, I plan to access local charities' resources in order to create a visible, supported trans+ community at the university.

To sum up, my main plans if elected are:

  • Campaigning for gender neutral toilets, and explicitly supporting the use of toilets that match gender identity
  • Working closely with the SU, the university and the LGBT+ Society, as well as trans+ students themselves, to create both a clear presence and a safe environment for trans and non-binary students
  • Accessing local charities to support the university's trans+ students

I am currently training to be a Stonewall Young Campaigner, so I have both the skills and passion to work to support trans+ students throughout the university. 

Remember: you belong here. As trans people we need to occupy space and have our voices heard; and I want to help you do that. Trans rights are human rights, now let's fight for them together. 

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