Mental Health Students' Officer



Harrison Read

Mental Health Students' Officer

My Manifesto

To educate and promote well-being.

I’m a third year student at Solent University studying Sport Journalism. The reason that I want to apply for this role is because since secondary school I’ve struggled with mental health issues and I’ve always been a big advocate for the promotion of well-being.

I want to make dealing with mental and emotional difficulty easier for the next person than it was for me so that together we are able to combat the stigmas around mental health.

Here are my four main campaign ideas:

-Education on mental health & well-being through the form of videos and podcasts.

-Monthly themed events in The Den with guest speakers to give advice about mental health.

-Reaffirming Solent University's vision for mental health and well-being.

-Taking feedback from students on what can be changed and how.

One in four people this year will suffer from a mental health issue, sometimes all it takes is somebody to listen.

Nobody chooses to have difficulties with their mental health and the biggest change that I want to see is recognition of all mental illnesses and seeing people happy to speak up about their challenges with mental health.

I want to work with the other SU delegates and senior management team at the university to set up campaigns that students and lecturers can get involved in, bringing in guest speakers to talk more openly about different mental health conditions.

I would like to set up a contact diagram so that people are able to be provided with help while knowing who they can talk to throughout the process of seeking counselling. I also want to set up a hashtag that students and lecturers can get involved with so that nobody feels that they can’t speak up about their worries.

As part of my degree, my option unit in third year is Investigative Journalism. Part of the assessment criteria is to take part in my own investigation- to which I chose ‘mental health within education’- I set up my own survey and within 24 hours I had received over 50 responses to which the results reaffirmed my belief that there needs to be more recognition of mental illnesses.

A key part of my campaigns will be involving those who don't neccesserily suffer from mental health issues but may have friends or family who do and would like to learn more about ways to help.

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