Mature Students' Officer



Fury Mitchell

Mature Students' Officer

My Manifesto

My name is Fury, and I am currently studying a Business Management BA (Hons) whilst raising children and would like to take the time to express why I deserve your vote as Mature Student Officer.

I can appreciate the difficulties of handling multiple challenges such as raising children and time/financial restraints. I am running for Mature Student Officer because I know first hand how challenging it is to come back into education and not feel fully supported/included due to juggling outside commitments and University.

What is it that I could do for YOU?

As mature students, we may have more to deal with outside University. And it can be hard to predict what days you may need to work or arrange childcare; therefore, I propose advanced access to time-tables allowing us to accommodate OUR dual needs.

For those who have other commitments: Wouldn’t you like extra support? A drop-in day care for children during events and half terms? And what about extra study time? Children take up most of your time and can make it seem almost impossible to put some much-needed time into studying. A kid’s club at the University and perhaps babysitting vouchers for those evening events. These things could help simplify YOUR life.

You ask, “how will I achieve this?”

With your vote these will be only a couple of issues that I will be tackling. My first step will be to bring these issues to the Student Union to try and find ways to accommodate YOUR needs. Because I know how some of these issues affect your day to day life in University, I will be making every effort possible to resolve them.

Uni life is hard, and it can be very stressful. Just that little bit of understanding and support goes a long way and we are trying to make the most of our Uni experience. We want to feel included and supported.

I have the experience being a representative for a business department and I am also currently a student rep for my course and feel that I could expand my skills to the student capacity. I want YOU to receive the support that you deserve. From having difficulties with lack of information and support to having other commitments. We should all have the same uni experiences as our peers.

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