International Non-EU Students' Officer



Charlie Sokolowski

International Non-EU Students' Officer

My Manifesto

As an international students officer (NON-EU) my goals include providing students, across many nationalities, a better understanding of our different cultures, similarities and the benefits of our diverse skills and experiences.

Point 1: Improve student grades, student/student tutor helping with improvements on grammar and structure.

I will focus on establishing student led tutoring that concentrates on course material as well as English language support and assistance.

Point 2: Improve student networks, have networking specific events

Many of the students chose our university to better develop their global network of relationships.  I plan to develop and host social, academic and career related networking events to better support student connections while at university and for our years beyond.

Point 3: Improve student satisfaction, with food specific events run by students

I intend to organize student managed events that introduce different cuisines to our student body and make students feel like they are at home.

About me

I am a highly motivated maritime business student who is hard working, reliable, and resilient. I possess leadership, communication, and listening skills. I am an Eagle Scout and member of the US Coast Guard Auxiliary. I will bring these skills and my energy as an international student officer (NON-EU).

As the international student officer (NON-EU), I hope to develop a more engaged, aware and supportive student population.  If you vote for me in this election you will be getting a dedicated and focused leader who is committed to improving student life, relationships, academics and career opportunities. Just remember to vote red.

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