Environmental Students' Officer



Richard Neale

Environmental Students' Officer


My Manifesto

I am Richard Neale, a 2nd year PhD researcher doing maritime safety. I seek to have a lasting and tangible impact on the environment found not only on campus, but also in the local community outside of the University.

I believe I can improve the SU further and engage more students by spreading awareness and produce a positive change in attitudes. Some issues which I would like to focus on are reducing the use of single-use plastics on campus, increasing the use of energy-saving lightbulbs and promoting biodiversity conservation.

As your next Environment Officer I will promote the following:

  • Engaging with communities to enhance knowledge of sustainable living and engage with debates over sustainability
  • Work on a range of ethical and environmental projects, including the NUS Green Impact programme, and Blackout energy saving initiatives
  • Work in cooperation with the university sustainability and environmental teams to advance sustainable development on campus
  • Liaise with Fairtrade organisations to ensure the Union and the University are using Fairtrade products
  • Organising educational events, debates and discussions on issues relating to the environment, climate and sustainability
  • Campaign for the library to utilise more e-books to reduce the need for physical copies of books and increase resources that are available for students
  • Review the ethical nature of the companies used by the SU in terms of products it sells to students

Manifesto Aims

I will set-up an environmental society that covers all aspects of the environment to allow others to have their say, promote their ideas. This will include hillwalking, healthy lifestyles, green politics, sustainable living, allotments, conservation, volunteering.


I have already represented the university as the Warsash officer in 2015, and last year the postgraduate officer which met with great success, as I was the only elected officer to complete my manifesto aims.

With my drive, commitment and perseverance, I would do the role justice and help to make a significant positive impact on the University campus in terms of its environmental impact towards every aspect of university life.

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