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Besides running to be a Democratic Representative yourself, there are two main ways that you can influence change at Solent University.


Motions are sent in by you and discussed at the next possible Student Council. If the motion is passed, then it becomes Union Policy and is worked on by both Student and Sabbatical Officers. You are also encouraged to get involved with the implementation of the motion, as you are the one who started it off.


If you have an idea for things you would like to see changed, but want to find out what other students think and how much sipport it has. The Student Ideas Board is where students can up or down vote the idea based on their views. Any ideas that receive 10 up votes overall are taken to next Student Council.


Student Council

At Student Council, you can:

Tell the Union your view through motions

Ensure the Officers' work represents you

Elect an independent Chair and Deputy Chair

Give the Board of Trustees guidance and advice

Be given reports by the Officers

Change the way the Union runs


Upcoming Meetings

Motion Deadline

6th April 2021

3rd May 2021

Meeting Date

13th April 2021

10th May 2021

24 Hour Library Opening

Through work by the Student Council and students, the University agreed to extend the library opening hours during examination periods.

Free Water Fountains

The University have committed to having water fountains in all new buildings and to include them when renovating existing buildings.

Warsash Kitchen Facilities

A kitchen area has now been built in the common area of the St Maty's campus for all students based there to use.


Your Ideas

UP VOTE ideas you support with, and DOWN VOTE anything you are against. 

Any ideas that get 10 or more up votes will be taken to Student Council for discussion and approval. If approved your Democratic Representatives will work to make them happen. Login HERE to get started!

Student Ideas Board

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