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Welcome candidate, congratulations on nominating yourself to be the voice of students at Solent University.

This is your candidate hub, the central spot for everything you'll need to run an effective campaign in the elections. If you have any questions or concerns, then please get in contact with the Election Team.


As a candidate you have to follow the elections process, so we've put together a checklist of things you should be doing.

1. Attend Candidate Briefing

2. Attend Campaign Training

3. Submit your Manifesto and picture

4. Submit your artwork (

5. Campaign

6. Vote

7. Submit your expenses

8. Find out the results



All candidates in this election are given campaign budgets of £5 (refunded by Solent SU on appropriate submission of receipts). This amount may not be exceeded for any reason.

You must submit itemised reciept evidence to the Deputy Returning Officer, in the Candidate Expenses Declaration Form before the deadline set by the Deputy Returning Officer.

Even if you do not spend anything, this must be stated in the Candidate Expenses Declaration Form and the form submitted before 2pm on Monday 7th March.

To submit the form, it must be emailed to by 2pm on Monday 7th March.

Full information on expenses can be found in the Election Rules from point 18-24.

Candidate Briefing

Candidate Training & Resources


If you have any complaints regarding the elections process, the conduct of other candidates or anything else, please contact the Elections Team in the first instance. The Deputy Returning Officer will normally make a ruling within 24 hours of the complaint being received.

Please note that only complaints submitted in writing will be considered by the Elections Team and processed by the Deputy Returning Officer.

Full information on complaints can be found in the Election Rules from point 37-44.