What’s Going On?

Every 3 years every student at Solent University get's to decide whether your Students' Union should remain affiliated to the National Union of Students (NUS). This is your chance to help shape how Solent Student Union's engages in national student policy.

Any student can get involved and join a campaign team for either remaining in or leaving the NUS. Simply pick a side, sign up to their team and make your case to the students at Solent University! At the campaign briefing each side will elect a leader. 

Referendum Dates

Sign-Up Closes: 9th October - 11:59pm
Campaign Briefing: 10th October - 1pm
Campaigning Starts: 22nd October - 10am
Voting Opens: 24th October - 9am
Voting Closes: 31st October - 3:00pm

How To Get Involved

Simply sign up to either the Remain or Leave campaign team and come along to the briefing on the 10th of October. Once there you'll be grouped together to with other people who also want to get involved in the referendum to plan your campaign. Every team will be provided with trining and support, so if you've never done anything lke this before now is your chance to gain that experience! 

Every campaign needs a leader, could that be you? At the briefing each campaign team will elect a leader to run the campaign. Any student can put themselves forward for this role, they simply need to attend the briefing. Once you've elected a leader your campaign team can appoint any other roles they like, work out who's doing what and plan your campaign to get your message out to students!


Campaign Steps

Join a Team
Deadline: Wednesday 9th October - 23:59pm

Attend a Briefing & Training
At the Campaign Briefing you will meet the rest of your campaign team and elect someone to lead the campaign.
Date: Thursday 10th October - 8am

Plan Your Campaign
Work out as a team how you will get your messages out there to win the referendum.
Deadline: Wednesday 22nd October - 8am

Submit Print Requests
Design any posters and leaflets you'd like printed to help get your message out to students and win votes.
Deadline: Wednesday 22nd October - 8am

Campaign & Win Votes!
From 10am on Tuesday the 22nd of October you will be able to start campaigning to win students over to votes! Voting wll be open between the 24th - 31st of October.

For further advice or support please contact:

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