Lewis Cleminson



Lewis Cleminson

NUS Delegate


My Manifesto

Every year the NUS hold a national conference where delegates from Universities across the country attend and vote on motions. These "Delegates" are usually Sabbatical Officers who only go to futher their position and influence within student politics and fill conference with pointless motions that have NO impact on the every day student!

As your elected NUS delegate I WILL NOT STAND NOR SUPPORT ANY timewasting, pointless motions or debates that happen at conference, and only push and engage with those that will truely help out Solent Students.

A vote for me is a vote for a current studying student and not a 'Sabbatical Officer' who is not currently studying, a vote for me is a vote for someone who has to deal with assesment deadlines and handins, deal with 9am lectures and still wants to do more to represent you! (all without being paid)

Thanks for reading, Please find below (Unless the SU take it out, boo!) a fun lil video I found on youtube.


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