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    Lobby Sodexo to improve prices / range at "The Artisan".

      The Artisan is the Cafe based in the SJM building. The prices in The Artisan are arguably considerably higher (£1.75 for 4 mini rice cakes, seriously!) than the rest of campus & the deals that are available around the rest of campus e.g. Meal Deals are not available there, meaning lunch times for student's can often be costly. This is unfair on the students whom are based primarily in the SM Building, often not having time to venture across the park to get lunch. Even if the only outcome for this is getting The Artisan to offer the meal deal available in other Sodexo outlets on campus, this would be a huge cost saving win for students. I understand that The Artisan is also open to the public, so maybe a way to avoid any potential loss by Sodexo is that the deals could be made available on the presentation of a Solent Student ID?
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