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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the rules?

All participants must follow the Election Rules which ensure no candidate is given an unfair advantage.

These can be found online here.

What have previous Sabbatical Officers done?
Past Sabbatical Officers have made so many great achievements. We’ve grouped together 30 of these online as part of the Manifesto Reality Checker resource.

This can be found online here.

Can candidates campaign together?

Candidates can campaign together but cannot combine budgets. You should be aware that if any member of their campaign team or other candidates who they are working with break the rules, you could be disciplined as well.

What is the Returning Officer?

A Returning Officer is an independent person appointed by the Board of Trustees to oversee the running of the election, and to apply any sanctions should there be a rule break. They do not have any contact with candidates to ensure they are objective, and only make judgements based on available evidence. Their interpretation of the rules is final.

What can the Returning Officer actually do?

The Returning Officer could apply a wide range of judgements in the event of rule breaks. This could be a ban on campaigning for a certain amount of time, to full disqualification. They base their judgements primarily on how voters have been affected in making a fair choice.

What is a trustee?

A trustee has overall responsibility for the continued operational and financial health of the Students’ Union. They also ensure the organisation is accountable and uses its resources responsibly.

Can current Sabbatical Officers support candidates?
As full members, Sabbatical Officers absolutely have the right to campaign on behalf of any candidate they choose. However, they are unable to do so while working or wearing Union-branded clothing.
How many times can you be elected?

The legal term limit is two years, and this can be non-consecutive terms. This is outlined in the Education Act 1994.

After being a Sabbatical Officer can you work for the Students’ Union?

You can, but you will have to wait two years from the end of your term to apply for a job here.

Election Resources

Manifesto Submission Form

The word version of the form to submit your manifesto.

Manifesto & Campaign Guide

A guide to writing a manifesto and campaigning.

Manifesto Reality Checker

Support on checking how achievable your manifesto is, and examples of what previous Sabbatical Officers have achieved.

Elections Training Presentation

The slides from the Manifesto and Campaigns Training. The content from these is also covered in the Manifesto & Campaign Guide.

Elections Briefing Presentation

The slides from the Election Briefing.

Manifesto Student Ideas 2019

Suggestions gathered from students at the 2019 Refreshers Fair.

For further advice or support please contact: elections@solent.ac.uk

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