Manifesto Support

Writing Your Manifesto

Your manifesto is the one piece of campaign material that every voter can see. Use it to introduce yourself and outline what you’ll do and why students should vote for you. Keep it simple, relatable and interesting. Put your most important content first!

What Should You Include?

  • Slogan (6 Words Max)
  • Manifesto (350 Word Max)
  • Bullet Point Manifesto (4 Bullet Points Max)

Ever voter will see your slogan when they go to vote, and your bullet point manifesto will give a quick overview of your key aims.

Manifesto Top Tips

  • Focus on your aim.
  • Explain why you are running.
  • Have achievable aims.
  • Ask students what they think.
  • Get someone to proof read it.

Further support resources can be found here.

Preparing Your Campaign

Your campaign is how you promote yourself to students and get them to vote for you. You don’t have to work alone and can get a team of friends to help you.

Consider how you will get your message out there, both in person and online.

Also think about how to tailor how you promote your aims to different audiences.

Candidate Videos

This is a quick 60 second video filmed by the Students’ Union where you get a chance to introduce yourself and explain why students should vote for you. Contact to book your video session.

Where Can You Get Help?

The Students’ Union offers manifesto and campaign training for all candidates and can provide ongoing support and advice.

Book your training session via

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