Application Process

Part 1 – Your Application

Complete By 21st February (9am)
  1. Login at to start your application. (Use your full university email address)
  2. Submit your full name and contact details to continue.
  3. Click on ‘Stand’ and select the position you want to run for.
  4. Submit the names of your two seconders. (These are two other students who support your application)

Part 2 – Your Manifesto

Complete By 4th March (11:59pm)
  1. The Students’ Union will arrange a session with you to run through how the election works, provide manifesto and campaign training, and to answer any question you have.
  2. Complete and submit your manifesto at
  3. Submit printing requests to

Part 3 – Your Campaign

Start your campaign team and prepare your election campaign.

  1. Take part in your candidate debates at Solent Decides on the 7th or 8th of March.
  2. Campaign for votes in voting week!
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