Your Union Officers for 2020/21


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Sabbatical Officer Election Votes

Number of Votes: 2197

Number of Voters: 647

No elections are currently running


Student Officer Election Votes

Number of Votes: 1312

Number of Voters: 188

No elections are currently running


"My vote won’t make any difference so there’s no point on voting."

Every year, in every election across the county, results are decided by very small margins. At Solent, we have had elections decided by less than 5 votes so every vote matters!

"The person I want to vote for will never get elected anyway."

At Solent, we used a voting system called transferable voting. This means that if your favourite candidate isn’t elected, your 2nd choice will then get your vote and this process continues until someone is elected! This means that your vote will always matter and be counted!

If you want more information, click here!


"I don’t like any of the candidates, so there’s no point in voting."

Vote Weasley then!

Every position in the election has Re-open nominations, also known as RON (get it now?), If RON wins in an election, none of the candidates will win and nominations will re-open for that position and there will be a by-election.

"I don’t know enough about the candidates to make a choice."

All manifestos will be online from the 5th of March and manifestos will be available here, or by talking to SU staff during elections week!


"I don’t know how to vote."

Any current student can vote in the election! Once voting has opened on the 5th of March, head to or speak to a member of SU staff who will be able to show you where you need to go! Voting will close on the 12th of March at 1pm.


What is a Sabbatical Officer?

A Sabbatical Officer (or Sabb) is a student who takes time off from their studies ( or becomes a Sabb immediately after graduation), and work full time at the Student Union, to represent students at University, and at a local, national and international level.

What is a Student Officer?

A Student Officer is a student who voluntarily works part-time with the Students' Union to represent students at Solent University on specific areas.


What is a manifesto?

A manifesto is your way to document what you'd do if elected into your particular role. Without it, students won't know why they should vote for you (and so probably won't!). Click here for ideas.

How else can I promote myself?

The best way is to get yourself known to students. This can be done via social media, posters, flyers and banners, or by making a video ( the SU can assist with this).


What should I be doing during the election period?

  • Attend candidate briefing - this is compulsory as we'll go over the rules and regulations of the election.
  • Attend Question Time - Cake and Questions. This is a lunchtime event where candidates are asked questions by students, on what they will do if elected. Its your chance to win over voters!
  • Talk to people - get out there and campaign! Talk to sports teams, course mates, flatmates. Even better, ask your mates to form a campaign team and get them to talk to people too!
  • Come to Results! The election results will be announced in The Whitebeam from 2.00pm - there'll be refreshments too, bring everyone you know for moral support!

What is the NUS?

The NUS stands for the National Union of Students. They're behind the discount card Totum, though they do much more than this. They promote, defend and extend student rights, fighting discrimination and injustice through campaigning and targeted action. Solent Students Union is affiliated to the NUS which means we have an input into how they're run (by voting) and what they do. More information.


Candidate Welfare

Our deputy returning officer is responsible for candidate welfare. Any concerns or queries can be sent to Elections period can be very busy, with lots going on. Candidates should make sure to get enough rest, and to remember any work takes priority over the election!


For further advice or support please contact:

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