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Officer Committee

Officer Committee is a monthly meeting of Sabbatical and Student Officers to implement and administer all recommendations from the Trustee Board, AGM and Student Councils, as well as receive reports from Officers on the implementation of their roles and objectives.

The Sabbatical Officers and Student Officers meet to:

  • Refer policy to Student Council,
  • Implement reconmendations and policy from Trustee Board, 
  • Generate feedback on current issues,
  • Ratify the affliation of Socities to the Union,
  • Promote equality of opportunity.

Who can attend?

The Officer Committee is an open meeting where all students are welcome to attend. This is your chance to hear reports from officers on the implementation of the policies brought by students.


Minutes and Meetings

Officer Committee dates for 2015/16 are currently being organised.

You can also view all minutes from the AGM, Officer Committee and Student Council online in the minutes archive.


How to contact us

Like what you see and want to find out more about Officer Committee?

Email the Student Involvement Department at student.involvement@solent.ac.uk, or phone; 0238 201 6433.