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Elections are where you decide who will represent you at Solent University, championing your voice within the university, Students' Union and the wider community.

Any current student at Solent University can apply, vote and get involved!

It's a fantastic opportunity to not just lead your Students' Union and represent 11,000 students, but also develop skills and gain unique experience to make you more employable!

Campus Accessibility

Initiated a review of seating in The Spark by the University to ensure it is accessible for those with additional needs.

Warsash Griffon

Passed a motion at Student Council to show support for the continued use of the Warsash Griffon around Solent University.

Mental Health Vision

Input into Solent University's vision for mental health and wellbeing and a university-wide approach to mental health and wellbeing.





Applications Open

12:00 - 9th January

Applications Close

23:59 - Friday 11th February

Voting Opens

10:00 - Monday 28th February

Voting Closes

15:00 - Monday 7th March

Results Announced
(This is an estimate and cannot be guaranteed)

Midday - Tuesday 8th March

Being a student representative isn’t about being political, it’s all about making changes to the student experience at Solent. Your political views do not factor into any role.

Each year, thousands of students vote on issues that they think are important and relevant. Keep this in mind when creating your manifesto, and remember that nobody is friends with every single student at Solent University.

Sabbatical and Student officers have been vital in creating positive change for students at Solent.

Our sabbatical officers have been involved in hiring a new Vice-Chancellor, have created the Safe Solent taxi scheme for students to get home during the 24 library sessions (which sabbs also did!), and also running an anti-spiking campaign to help educate students about the dangers of being spiked, to name just a few examples.

Student officers have been working on many issues, such as anonymising assignment results, introducing environmental areas in the university and increasing mental health awareness.

As long as you have ideas and want to improve things for Solent students, you are absolutely the right kind of person. You will also receive training and support from SU staff throughout your time in office, so we can help you achieve your goals.

Every year, in every election across the county, results are decided by very small margins. At Solent, we have had elections decided by less than 5 votes so every vote matters!

Vote Weasley then!

Every position in the election has Re-open nominations, also known as RON (get it now?), If RON wins in an election, none of the candidates will win and nominations will re-open for that position and there will be a by-election.

All of the candidates' manifestos will be online during elections week for you to have a look at. This will tell you more about what each candidate is standing for.

A manifesto is your way to document what you'd do if elected into your particular role. Without it, students won't know why they should vote for you (and so probably won't).

Any current student can vote in the election. Once voting has opened, head to