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At Solent Students’ Union, we are run by students, for students. Our focus is to improve student life for all Solent University students through the student's voice. We work hard to represent you and the make the changes you want to see happen.

Sabbatical Officers

Solent Students’ Union is led by four elected, full-time Officers who are your student representatives. The Union runs annual nominations and elections to fill these positions with Officers you support and want to represent your voice. These are paid roles which any students can apply for. Sabbatical Officers are students who have either taken a break from their studies or have just graduated. The Sabbatical Officers play one of the most important roles in the Union. For example, they decide the political stance of the Union, campaign on issues most important to students and lobby the University to make the changes you want to see.

Course Representatives

Course Representatives are a vital part of making sure course related changes benefit you. They listen to student concerns and feedback, relaying this back to university and Union staff, as well as representing you. Course Representatives are organised, trained and supported by the Students' Union, as well as the University, to be the voice of student at Solent.


The election process is at the heart of what Officers and Course Representatives do at Solent. During the election process, we want all students to feel empowered to make a difference at their University. Whether it is nominating yourself to take one of the positions available, or simply voting for the candidate you believe in; we are passionate about the election process we have in place at the Students’ Union and are proud to give all students the power to make an impact. 

During elections, you’ll be able to nominate yourself or vote for our Sabbatical Officers who work on a range of different areas including well-being and housing. Elections are one of the most important processes to ensure elected students represent your voice at University level and across the campus.

We try to enrich the student experience through democracy and representation.

Which is why we have such diverse areas of representation, including:

  • AGMs - Annual General Meetings are a yearly ratification of Union accounts and affiliations. 

  • Campaigns - Organised activities for awareness and change. 

  • Course Reps - Course based academic agents of change.
  • Officer Committee - All Officer develop and coordinate policies and campaigns. 

  • Referenda & NUS delegates - A confederation of other Students' Unions.
  • Student Council - Voting on motions and policies to improve the student experience.

For more information

Email the Student Involvement Department at, or phone - 0238 201 6433.