Managing users on a unit

Assigning and displaying course reps

To add course reps to your course pages:

1. Locate the 'Administration' block on the left of the page. If no links are visible within this block, then it may have been minimised. Click on the '+' button to expand this menu.

2. 'Course administration' should already be expanded. Go to Users > Enrolled users.

3. Your Course Rep will already be a participant on the page, in the 'student' role.  

Student role

4. To add the Course Rep role, click the Assign roles button.

Assign role

5. Select the correct Rep role for that student.

Assign rep role

When adding a course rep role then the student role must be kept as well.

To remove a student from the 'Reps' list, stay in Users > Enrolled users and locate (search) for the student you want to remove. Once found, click the 'x' by the role to delete that role.

Delete a rep

To ensure that these roles display on the front page of your course, look at the 'Key contacts' block. Do you see the 'Course Reps' in this block? To show more roles within the 'Key Contacts' block:

1. With editing turned on, locate the block and click on 'cog' Actions icon, then Configure Key Contacts block.


2. Go to the section 'Roles to show' and click Show more... Scroll down and then select Yes to all of the 'Course Rep' roles that need to appear in the block.

Show course rep roles

3. Click Save changes. The block will now display the Course Reps.

Course rep 3