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Want to join Solent's DJ and Production Society?

Since coming to University and joining the DJ & Production Society, the society and I have come a long way.

There’s now production lessons every Tuesday where students are guided, by our experienced team, in experimenting with sounds and creating their own songs. What is fantastic about this is that some of those students have then come to the DJ practice sessions on Wednesday nights and we’ve taught them to mix their own songs. In fact some students have learned so much they’ve even been able to DJ live at some of our own events and ones local to Southampton.

It’s incredible to see people come to our sessions and learn everything they need to know about music to go on and play to a live crowd.

As president of the society that is without doubt the most rewarding feeling. Often I see people joining the society who are lacking in confidence but just want to give it a go and over time, with a bit of commitment they end up surprising themselves. I would even include myself in that, however having just got back from a weeks, all expenses paid, DJ’ing tour in Italy I can safely say that anyone with the right attitude can do it!

In fact the society has been the perfect place for me to learn how to DJ! Before joining I had no idea how to use industry standard equipment but I was guided by a very supportive team. Since then I am proud to say we have the facilities and the team to teach anyone how to make their own records and to mix them to a live crowd at one of our events.

The DJ & Production Society and I have really grown a lot over the last few years. It just goes to show with a bit of commitment and a passion for music you can learn everything you need to know about a whole industry. So my advice to all students would be to join a Society, even if it’s not the DJ & Production Society!


Blog by Jake Balmer, DJ and Production Society President