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Fake Events Alert
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Every year around this time, students are targeted with bogus Freshers Week events, so please don‘t be fooled!
In the past, students have had difficulty getting refunds for unofficial events and the last thing we want is for you to be out of pocket.

We advise all returning and incoming Solent students not to purchase tickets for any events at present, as at the minute, it is unknown to organisers when Government restrictions on nightclubs will be lifted. It would be irresponsible for any organisers to have on-sale tickets at this moment in time, considering the increased risk of disappointing students later.

We are not selling any Official Solent Freshers wristbands or tickets and will not do so until we have some assurance from the Government on when it will be safe for these events to take place. Please check the Solent Students' Union Website or social media for reliable information on all Official Solent Freshers Events.
Remember, all official SU and University events will have one of our logos on them!
If you're not sure, send us a link for us to check!
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