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5 Reasons to Visit Manchester

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As I’m sure you guys have seen on our Facebook, we are running a trip to the land of Oasis, Vimto and Britpop; Manchester. We have just a couple of spaces left on the trip, so today we’re sharing five reasons to visit this great northern city; just in case you were on the fence about coming.

The Food

There are many Mancunian delicacies out there. The first one we can’t wait to try is the Manchester Egg! A bit like a Scotch Egg, but uses pickled egg, coated in black pudding and sausage meat, wrapped in panko breadcrumbs and then deep-fried until golden-brown! Then there are Pasty Barm’s! Made up of a generously buttered barm (or bap, cob or bun; whatever you’d like to call it) with a meat and potato pasty as the filling. People flock to the city for these £2 treats; once you’ve tried them, you’re hooked.

The German Markets

Ok, you got us, this might not be the most Manchester-y of things on our list! But, the city’s German Markets are world famous for being the best outside of Germany. Our trip tickets include entry to this festive wonderland, so you won’t have to worry about organising this separately. If you’re on the hunt for a unique Christmas gift, or just want to sample the beer for yourself, we highly recommend this part of the city.

Old Trafford

Can you really talk about Manchester without mentioning Old Trafford? The city and their great football heritage are certainly strongly linked. There are stadium tours available, so if you fancy sitting in José’s seat in the dugout, walking through the players’ tunnel, or exploring the teams’ dressing room; Manchester is the only place for you.


The home of the BBC & ITV; get a behind the scenes look into some of your favourite entertainment across TV and Radio. Find out how productions come together, take a peek at their filming equipment, as well as getting an inside look at how to get into the industry. We’ve secured a pass for everyone on the trip to visit MediaCityUK at no extra cost – making our tickets a very good deal!


Culture & museums might not sound like the most exciting of reasons to visit the ‘London of the North’! But with The Lowry and Imperial War Museum North both included in our ticket price, you might just be surprised at what they have to offer. Not only are the destinations packed full of art, fashion and Mancunian Britpop exhibits, there are also sculpture and photography from around the world to get stuck into.

Tickets for the trip can be found HERE

Date: 9th December 

Ticket Price: £35


7:00AM Outside National Express, Harbour Parade, SO15 1BA

Ticket Includes: 
> Private Executive Bus
> Visit MediaCityUK (home of the BBC & ITV)
> Tour the Imperial War Museum
> Leave Salford for Manchester city centre
> Personal time in Manchester 
> Explore the Xmas markets, amongst other attractions


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