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Home Safety at Christmas

Home Safety at Christmas

Why students are a target?

  • Students tend to have a high number of electrical goods
  • Late nights meaning no one is home
  • Alcohol meaning students are more relaxed when securing the property
  • Away for periods of time such as Christmas


  • Assess the safety of your home through crime prevention website survey- Home Security Survey - DIY | The Crime Prevention Website
  • Check doors and windows make sure they are secured
  • Look at possible external lights or extra locks/ latches (however, it is important to remember the landlord has the final say on any additions to the property
  • There is no minimal security obligation for landlords however they must ensure they make good repair if the property has been damaged or burgled
  • The tenant must have their belongings insured, not the landlord- Endsleigh are NUS approved
  •  Register your bike with the bike register, this acts as a great deterrent-  The National Cycle Database | BikeRegister
  • Do not leave valuables lying around near windows


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