Union Awards



Union Awards celebrates societies & individuals who have done something exceptional at Solent. We think these people deserve recognition, so we’d love for you to nominate them!

The awards up for grabs are: 


Most Engaged Student
Eligible: All Students

Regardless of their remit or position, this student has been very committed to the Students' Union as well as showing exceptional engagement to their own interests/campaigns.

Most Valued Society Member
Eligible: Any Student Part of a Society

They’ve gone out of their way to improve the society(s) they are involved in, have excelled all expectations, and done their part to better the society; all without the obligation to do so.

Officer of the Year
Eligible: Any Student Officer (inc NUS Delegate)

They've been reliable, initiated campaigns, shared keen insights and truly helped with the development of the Students’ Union through their work at Officer Committee and/or NUS National Conference.

Outstanding Contribution to Student Media
Eligible: Any Member of a Sonar Media Society

They've gone to great lengths, to promote cohesion and collaboration within their society and/or sonar media as a whole. They've also used their skills to help align the society/group with industry so it provides an even better student experience.

Rep of the Year
Eligible: Any Course Representative or School Representative

This course or school rep has been fantastic all year round and is a brilliant example to others. They've listened to the needs of those they represent and have worked to make real change.

The Giving Back Award
Eligible: All Students

This can be for an individual or a group who've done any combination of volunteering, organising multiple projects and/or have fundraised to truly give back to the community.

Committee Member of the Year
Eligible: Any Elected Society Committee Member

This is for anyone who's gone beyond the call of duty for their society, working along side the committee and for its members. They've used personal drive to better the society through initiative and commitment.



Best Newcomer
Eligible: Any Society That Was Launched This Academic Year

This award goes to the best new society this year. It has attracted members with the activities it organises, the community it offers and the purpose it follows.

Most Improved Society
Eligible: Any Society

This award is for the society that has improved the most in the last academic year. It has either gained a great number of members, put on a series of notable events or otherwise shown great progress from where it was at the start of the year.

Project of the Year
Eligible: Any Society/Group of Students

This award goes to the society or group of students that has orchestrated a great event and/or venture this year. The project(s) showed initiative, were well run and a proved a great example of what societies/students can do.

Society of the Year
Eligible: Any Society

This is for any society who've shown themselves to be exceptional, organised and give the best experience to their members. This society has been consistently impressive and really contributed to the student experience.

Read the full shortlist HERE

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