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Union Awards

The Union Awards are an annual event held by the Union that recognises the achievements of students in our Union. We come together for a night of celebration, food and merriment to highlight the work our students put in this year to make a great Students' Union! This will be one of the last chances to catch up with everyone from the Students' Union this year and promises to be an excellent event.

Check out last years winners here.

If you feel like you know someone exceptional, or that you’ve done something of note, then send in a nomination on the form below! There are a number of different awards that cover everything from society events to excellent service from student staff. See below for catagories and criteria.

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Click on the following categories to discover the awards:






Top tips

  1. It’s important to remember that these awards will be primarily focussed on the quality of the nomination and not just the quantity of nominations received so try to be as detailed as possible when providing your evidence
  2. You should nominate a different person for each award
  3. It is important that you carefully write your nominations to fit the award criteria