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The official Solent University Doctor Who society is a place open to all, it’s a place where you can have a break from the pressures of life, University and everything. Our members gather to discuss everyone’s favourite time lord’s past, present (and we debate it’s future) in addition to all things related to the world’s longest running Science Fiction adventure TV shows. Regardless of whether you’re a fan of the old series, the revived show, the spin-offs, novels, big finish audio series or comics your thoughts and opinions are very much appreciated.

What we do:

  • Screenings: Both episodes and fan films
  • Script readings and writings
  • Games such as Jackbox.

Due to the current pandemic all our sessions will be online for the forseeable future. We will meet every week on a yet to be decided day on our discord server: 

Membership is free so we are currently self-funded, however we are looking into organising social events and collaborations with other societies, including those at other local Universities.

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