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About Us

Want to write but feel it’s difficult and lonely on your own? Do you want inspiration to ignite your creative talents?

The Quill Society is a group of like-minded students from all courses who love to get together, enjoy and create of all forms of literature, socialise and most of all, relax, de-stress and have fun.

We are also FREE TO JOIN! (did I mention free?)


In our weekly sessions, we…

· Bring together our creative writing in whatever form it comes, share it and give each other constructive feedback and encouragement

· Take part in fun and games that will inspire our writing

· Have internal and external speakers on writing - last year’s talks included the history of plays (and how to start writing them) and writing the crime genre

· Hold social events (online initially during the pandemic) but eventually in the ‘real’ world (anybody remember that?) including drinks, ice cream, coffee & cake, pizza, treasure hunts etc.

· Do anything else the group wants – this is your society to be moulded by you!


· Post-pandemic aim to have trips to theatres such as the Globe and other literary places (e.g. Jane Austen’s birthplace)

· Promote internal and external writing competitions


· THE ANNUAL ANTHOLOGY!!! – your opportunity to be published amongst other rising stars of the Solent student community

To stay up to date, please join our Facebook group ( for the most up to date information

Also follow us on Twitter (@SUquillsociety) and on Instagram (suquillsociety)

Email us at


Still doubting whether you want to join this fab/incredible/ace/stunning/phat/cool/fantastic/amazing/terrific society (delete any or all of the previous appalling adjectives at your leisure)?

Want to find out a little more? Come along to one of sessions or feel free to send us a message.

To join the society, please visit the Students’ Union (

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Society Elections


Quill Society By-Election 2020/21

By-Election for the roles of a second Vice President and Treasurer of the Quill Society

2 posts are up for election.

Nominations close at 10:00 on Sunday 1 November 2020 (in 3 days and 22 hours)

The polls open at 12:00 on Monday 2 November 2020 (in 5 days and 0 hours)

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