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About The Solent Scheme for Societies 2018/19

Has your society gone above and beyond to make a positive impact on the lives of Solent students? Is your society continuously delivering a high quality experience? Then you should start working your way through our society recognition programme – The Solent Scheme!

The Solent Scheme is designed with the purpose of encouraging societies to reflect on their successes as well as areas for development. Look at the criteria for our Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond level awards, if you can provide evidence of completing each point, you will have your achievements recognised.

You do not need to wait to submit evidence, you can choose to submit as each point is hit and this will be logged.

You can progress onto higher levels once the previous has been completed, ideally we would like all points to be hit but understand that for certain groups, due to the nature of your society, might not be possible. You cannot jump ahead to higher levels without completing the ones preceding.

All achievements reset from the Freshers' Fayre after the award was achieved.

Please note that the higher you go the harder the levels become!

Challenge accepted?

Award Tier Criteria

Download the Awards Criteria HERE


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Our Gold Societies

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