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On this page, you'll find all the information you need to know about societies, how to join or create one, get funding or organise your own society event:



What is a society?

A society is a collection of students who've gathered together to take part in a specific activity or promote a specific cause. They're a brilliant way for students to meet each other and are run by a student committee voted in at the end of every year.


Which societies are available?

We have a number of active societies. The full list of societies can be found here. (link to find a society)


How can I join a society?

Joining a society is easy, come over to the Welcome Centre, found on the First Floor of the SU building.  You will be given a sign-up sheet to tick off which societies you’d like to join and pay at the desk.

Your contact information will be given to the committee of the society and they will get in touch with you to welcome you.


Can I get a refund on society membership fees?

Refunds are subject to our Membership Refund Policy, shown below:

In accordance with UK law, those who have purchased a membership to a society have a seven day cooling off period during which they have the right to cancel the membership and receive a full refund. This should be requested through the Student Involvement Department. 

Within the seven days, no reason needs to be given to cancel the membership. 

To receive a refund, a valid receipt must be presented. If there is no receipt, a refund cannot be given. 

An additional 14-day taster period is offered, the Union may refund up to 75 % of the membership costs within this period. For the sake of clarity, the taster period begins 8 days after the time and date of purchase and ceases 21 days after the time and date of purchase. Thereafter no refund will be given. 

If a member chooses to cancel the membership after 21 days of the original payment (including the seven days cooling off period and an additional fourteen days to allow for taster sessions and trials), then the Union will not refund the payment as it is considered that the individual will have benefited from being an active member by having access to member information, obtaining any associated discounts, and participated in activity. 

Contact: Welcome Centre - or 02382 013389 


1. Bring receipt to Welcome Centre – 1st Floor, SU Building 

2. Complete Refund form with details of society, amount paid and account details (if applicable) 

3. Staff at the welcome centre will check documents and can give cash refund or it can be paid into your account (if applicable) 

For information on the societies, you have signed up to please contact


Can I start a society? 

If you don’t see the society that you would like to join, you can always start one yourself, it’s really easy!
All you need to do is gather four signatures from other students and yourself that would like to be part of the society and fill out a new society form. You can be as creative as you want.
You can download the New Society Application Form here (link to new society form) and check out the breakdown of how it works here(link to flowchart about how to start a new society). Speak to the Student Involvement Department for more information –


How to run a society?

Once your new society has been approved you can hold your elections for the Committee to run the society.  To do this, please contact

We will also set up a page for you so you appear on our website and provide training on how to run your society and make the most out your time at university.

(link to societies Training page)



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