At some point you may find yourself on the receiving end of the University’s Student Disciplinary Procedure.

If the University believes you have committed one of the offences listed in this document, then it may begin an investigation. Should you find yourself in this situation, bear in mind that you have the right to independent support and we can provide that!

Top Tips:

  • You do not have the right to demand that another student or member of University staff is disciplined. It is at the University’s discretion to invoke this procedure. This is much like calling the police – you don’t have the right to force the police to arrest someone!
  • If the situation involves a criminal offence, the following principles apply.

First Five Steps:

  1. The disciplinary process starts with an investigation. The result of this investigation determines if the disciplinary is taken further.
  2. Think about whether you would like to appeal. If so, read the above policies to be clear of the process, and what your rights and responsibilities are.
  3. Begin to gather evidence. Remember that it’s difficult to prove something without proof!
  4. Pay attention to any stipulations placed on you during the investigation. You may well be suspended from campus. If this is the case, exceptions can often be made so that you are able to meet with our Academic Caseworker.
  5. Book an appointment with the Advice Service for support with preparation, evidence gathering, and at any meetings you may attend.



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