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We provide opportunities to build your self-confidence


We act on issues that impact on your wellbeing


We listen, share and act on your feedback to develop the Union and the University


We ensure the Union focus is relevant to you through the democratic process that allows you to have a direct influence


We work in partnership iwith the University to build a sense of pride and confidence in your Union, University and Student Experience


We actively seek, respond and share your feedback with the University to develop policies and a student experience that puts your academic experience first


We ensure that all your elected representatives have access to training, support and information so that they can effectively represent you and deliver change. This happens at a national, University, School and Course level


We continue to invest in our INDEPENDENT Academic Advice Service, so that we can provide you FREE and IMPARTIAL academic advice and support when you need it


We offer a range of fun, safe and affordable opportuinties that offer something for everyone


We encourage events which provide an opportunity to apply your skills, learning and talent to support your career ambitions


We establish relationships and partnerships in the local area to help you feel welcome, valued and influential in Southampton


We recruit passionate and committed staff who put you first


We develop a one team culture which supports every member of the team and encourages development and success