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About Us

More often than not, individuals associate a students’ union with a bar or cheap place to eat, but this is only a small part of what we offer. Yes, we do have a great bar, café and shop but there is so much more at your fingertips as we are here to support you throughout your university experience.

We offer advice, support, representation, events, societies, sports clubs, work experience and volunteering opportunities.

Being a registered charity means that any money generated by our commercial services is reinvested straight back into the organisation to ensure that you are getting the best facilities, events, services and experience possible.

In short, every penny you spend here will find its way back to you in some form!

By students for students? How does that work?

Your Students’ Union is run by four Sabbatical Officers. They are students elected every year to lead the SU and represent you both nationally and locally. Through the SU, you have the opportunity to stand in the elections or elect your fellow students to make sure your voice is heard. Your Sabbatical Officers for this year are:

Megan Maddex - SU President

Vacant - VP Education

Lewis Cleminson - VP Employability & Engagement

Hanna Head - VP Welfare & Community

Your Sabbs are full-time paid positions and work closely with the Student Officers to represent all students and ensure that the Union is heading in the right direction.


Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

Solent Students' Union is committed to operating a comprehensive policy to ensure equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) in all our operations. We are also committed to working alongside organisations that have similar policies. Find our policy on EDI here.